"Thank you for helping to make my lifetime dream of bow hunting for sheep become a reality. I had a fantastic time in the Brooks Range with you and your professional guides."
- Dorsey Grist, GA

"Thanks for all of your hard work and attention to detail on my four hunts with you in Alaska. There is no doubt in my mind that you have a top shelf outfit and I hope to hunt with you again."
- Pat McCartney, OH

"You are a true hunter, a hunting professional, and an ethical sportsman. I am truly honored and proud to call you a friend and share your campfire!"
- Trey Benson, KY

"Thanks again for a marvelous experience last June."
- Steve Groff, PA

"For the hunting trip of a lifetime I thank you Dave Marsh and your exceptional crew, Charly, Jeff, and Jonah. Truly a 'Master Guide'."
- David Russell, KY

"The time spent in the Brooks Range was probably the best experience of my life. I want to thank you again for your gratitude and hard work during my sheep hunt."
- Jamie Luidahl, ND

"Thanks for the memory of a lifetime! I cherish our time together in Alaska - what a great adventure!"
- Doug Lumpkin, FL

"Each of us who has had the privilege of having you as our outfitter has always known you to be nothing less than a Master Guide."
- Marc Crumpton, IN

"There are few men in the world who are as dedicated as you and none who are more determined. As I said on the trip, I have a new respect for what you do."
- Ron Kramer, KY

"I can say that you are one of the most respectable and conscientious big game guides I have ever been around. Your attention to detail, your positive attitude, your work ethic, and your dedication to my safety and enjoyment puts you in a league of your own."
- Brian Tallerico, WY

"I just want to let you know that I couldn't have gone on this hunt with a finer individual."
- Bob McClimon

"You are the finest of company. Is it hard for me to imagine anyone else in your business being able to put as much skill, energy, enthusiasm and pure windblown creativity into a hunting trip as you did."
- Whitney Leavell, TX

"This was a hunt I will never forget, one of the top experiences of my life. You are truly the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and tough guide I have ever hunted with."
- Sam Malicote, OH

"Thanks for making a hunt of a lifetime - a hunt of a lifetime. As always time with you was a pleasure. You are a gentleman and you are at the top of your game."
- Scott Henriques, NY

"The hunt had every aspect a man could ask for. Thanks for giving me 110% of yourself...everyday...all day!"
- Duane Beckner, NC

"I truly enjoyed every minute of my trip and would recommend you and your guide service to anyone wishing to experience a truly top notch wilderness experience in Alaska."
- Rich Riggs, PA

"All in all it was a fabulous hunt and I had a great time."
- Dave Norris, MI

"It was a tough hunt, however, it was a great one! The sheep arrived in Kansas City in great shape and my taxidermist said that the job you did on the cape was one of the best he has ever seen."
- Tom Zimmerman, MO

"The experience I had with you in Alaska could not have been the same with any other outfit. I can only continue to thank you for the once in a lifetime experience."
- Eddie Bueno, TX

"I find myself, at various times thinking of different segments of our hunt and just smiling. I can certainly say that hunting with you was the most enriching experience of my life. For that I will always be grateful."
- Frank Munoz, NV

"I had a terrific time with you and Michael and can't wait to get at it again!"
- Pete Souch, NY

"The hunt exceeded my expectations in every regard. I really appreciate the planning and experience you put into the hunt."
- Kevin Troyer, PA

"I enjoyed every moment of every day and I thank you so much for everything. I felt like a young man at times learning and seeing so much more than I could have imagined that your adventure encompassed!!"
- Don Palko, OH

"You went above and beyond to make sure the total hunting experience was all it could be."
- Lowell Stevens, KY

"I can say without hesitation that your outfit operates well above any level I have experienced in the past. The attention to detail was super. The food was well thought out as was the plan of attack. And you were always mindful of the safety of your clients and guides."
- David Detraz, IN

"I can't begin to tell you how enjoyable my hunting experience was with you. You are excellent at what you do."
- Jon Ballard, KY

"I just wanted to let you know that you have a well-deserved reputation as a hardworking, reputable outfitter and I would highly recommend you to any serious hunter."
- Michael Cudlipp, NY

"I believe your attention to details, honesty, passion for the animals you hunt, and caring for your clients set you apart from other outfitters. My feelings were confirmed when I got to Alaska and had the chance to hunt with you."
- Kevin Smith, PA

"You always made sure that we were well taken care of with food, drink, shelter, and safety. Sharing a similar work style, I can appreciate the discipline in your work ethic and how you run your business."
- Carmine Romano, NY

"We cannot thank you enough for the trip of a lifetime. You exceeded our expectations at all levels, before, during, and after the hunt."
- Tyler, Justin, Larry Minges, OH

"You run a fabulous operation Dave and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to hunt with you. I highly recommend your outfit to others that are looking for a top quality hunt in game filled country."
- Brian Palmieri, SC

"In these days that more hunters are traveling to Canada to seek out these majestic animals (sheep, moose, caribou, etc.), I wanted to simply write a short letter stating that my heart will always belong in Alaska; and that you are the primary reason I will continue to return to Alaska to enjoy the beauty that you have graciously opened my eyes to."
- Larry Todd, OH