The hunting business has changed remarkably since I received my full outfitter-guide license in 1997 and subsequently started my company, BIG GAME BIG COUNTRY, that same year. Back in those days a few guides relied (to some extent) on booking agents and magazine advertisements but, in spite of these efforts, the vast majority of commerce for all of us came from personal appearances at the relatively few sport shows scattered across the country and, with luck, the eventual word of mouth that would follow after a job well done. Detailed conversations with photos used as visual aids oftentimes led to an agreement followed by a firm hand shake without the first thought of a contract. My how things have changed!

I continue to utilize select sport shows as my primary marketing tool preferring to present my offerings face to face, and in a way that advances my ideals and those of my staff and our approach to “the hunt” in its’ entirety. My pitch might be characterized as a very straight forward conversation that addresses the high points of a particular trip while setting very honest and realistic expectations - all punctuated with pictures. To that end, we endeavored to create a web “booth” that is an extension of this style of delivery and we feel confident that the overall format and accompanying information accomplishes this and represents us perfectly.

Obviously there is a myriad of other aspects of these hunts (including prices) that need to be discussed and I can easily be reached during the off season by phone or you can initiate dialogue with an email and I will respond promptly. Thank you and good luck moving forward.